Shah Rukh Returns Director Atlee`s Script... Deets Inside.

December 25, 2019
Shah Rukh Returns Director Atlee's Script... Deets Inside.

In case you’re one of the people wondering what Bigil is and why it ending up trending on the internet so much, you must know that it is a popular Tamil movie that went on to collect over 100 crores in just 6 days of theatrical run.director Atlee just landed the hit led by Vijay, Nayantara and Jackie Shroff.

Shah Rukh Khan’s next film has been emerging as a national debate over the last few months. When he did Zero last year, no one anticipated that there will be a year without a Shah Rukh Khan film.

While there were rumours about him doing a film with Rajkumar Hirani, Aditya Chopra and every other director in Bollywood. The reports that concreted were a film with South director Atlee and another actioner with Raj & DK.

Now the news coming in is that he has sent back the script to Atlee and has asked him to rewrite some portions.

An online portal reported, “Shah Rukh wants to be completely sure before he plunges into his next project. And the one thing that he wants to be fully certain of is the screenplay. Atlee and SRK are definitely working together. But the announcement on November 2 never happened because the script isn’t ready. At least, not the way Shah Rukh wants it to be.”

Although SRK didn't have any release in 2019, there were plenty of other projects that kept him busy. Beside producing Taapsee Pannu-Amitabh Bachchan starrer Badla, the actor bank-rolled a high budget web series featuring Emraan Hashmi titled Bard of Blood, he also did the voiceover for Mufasa in the Hindi version of Disney’s The Lion King 

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