Asuran Movie Review : Dhanush`s Outstanding Performance, Vetrimaaran`s direction make this film a winner.

October 04, 2019

Dhanush and Vetrimaaran's fourth collaboration, Asuran, has released in the cinemas today. The film is produced by “Kalaipuli S Thanu.” “ Dhanush” and Manju Waarier play the lead roles. The movie also has Prakash Raj, “ Pasupathy,” Teejay Arunasalam, Ammu Abhirami and Ken Karunas in the cast. Velraj cranked the camera and Ramar edited the film. “ G V Prakash Kumar” composed the music. 
Sivasamy(Dhanush) is a low caste farmer. He has 3 acres of land. Narasimhan, the upper-class wealthy person, has been planning to build a cement factory and he tries to grab Sivasamy’s land. Although many people surrendered their land, Sivasamy refuses. Sivasamy’s elder son Murugan is against Narasimhan and following this, the angry Narsimhan files a fake complaint and gets him arrested. Later, Sivasamy falls on the feet of everyone, to get back his son. Murugan gets released but killed brutally. Sivasamy didn’t show his anger but tries to protect his family from the wealthy villain. Chidambaram, the teenager is angered with his father’s behavior. On seeing his mother suffering a lot after his brother’s death, Chidambaram kills Narasimhan. Revenge gets more intense. Now, Sivasamy had to save his family from the villains. What will be his next step? Watch the film to know the rest!

Once again Dhanush excelled in his performance. He might get an award for his natural acting. His matured acting as a father of the teenagers is fantastic. Manju makes her impressive debut in Tamil and her performance and dialogue delivery are excellent. Ammu Abhirami, Ken Karunas and Teejay have got significant roles to do and they did justice to the roles. The rest of the stars are good.

GV Prakash has really treated his musical fans with this film. The outrage of Sivasami was taken to the next level through powerful and strong music support. 'Va Asura' sends chills at multiple instances, while 'Kathari Poovazhagi' and 'Yen Minukki' works well visually and gels with the scenes beautifully. Prakash Raj brilliantly portrays the role of a veteran lawyer, the wiser voice of reason between the hunter and the hunted.

Velraj's steady shots give balance to the fast-paced action scenes and the ariel shots are used properly for establishing the essential terrains of 'hunting' in the film. The action sequence is done tastefully with no 'super-human' acts which are typical in a Tamil film with lots of action. All the fights have been crafted with a strong realistic setting and the minimal use of stunts makes the fights admirable and engaging. Kudos to Peter Hein. 

overall, Vetri Maaran delivers yet another solid action drama that keeps us engrossed from start to finish. The film is a perfect action film that has impressed all the class audience. With a neat social message and the performance of the stars, the Dhanush movie attracts the audience. 

Review Ratings: ✯✯✯/5.

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