Aquaman star Jason Momoa plane makes emergency landing over fire scare.

March 08, 2019

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is safe and in good spirits after his private plane made an emergency landing on Wednesday.

He may be Aquaman for his fans, but Jason Momoa’s aqua-superpowers couldn’t help much when the actor’s private jet needed an emergency landing, reports The action star and his friends had quite the scare on Monday while they were en route to Nevada, and an engine fire — which was later reported as an false alarm — required the plane to have an emergency landing.
The star took to his Instagram stories to share his experience with his fans, where he shows the “good ole” firefighters and police standing by as they waited for the all-clear sign. “Well, we got ourselves a slight delay,” Jason jovially shared. “Half-hour out, in Palm Springs, and the plane wanted to start a fire (sic),” he is heard explaining.

The Palm Springs Fire Department shared on Instagram that aircraft rescue and firefighting engineer Andy Meza responded to the call, and told Momoa and his friends, “Not on my watch boys…not on my watch.”

The engine fire fortunately turned out to be a false alarm, and Momoa shared that he and his friends then boarded the plane for “round two.”

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