2.0 Box Office Day -13 : Rajinikanth-Akshay`s Film Ends 13-Day Second Weekend On High Note.

December 12, 2018

We are on the 2nd week for 2.0 and by now the movie grossed over 680 Cr and by the 2nd Week, we are expecting 700 Cr. 2.0 has performed quite well in total Box Office collection and now we are waiting for its China release. As 2.0 has reached its 13th Day, we are expecting the movie to cross a decent amount. In this Post, we are going to discuss 2.0 13th Day Box Office Collection.

Today Is Superstar Rajinikanth's birthday , but the star isn't in town to celebrate the day with his fans. But, his film 2.0 is continuing its successful run in the theatres for the second week.

Hindi Version:
2.0 Hindi total business thus stands at approx 173.5-173.75 Cr nett. Film is closing on 180 crore nett mark and should touch it by 3rd Friday or 3rd Saturday at best.Hindi speaking states have done well on the 12th day and are expected to do better on the 13th Day too.The overall Box Office Collection for 13th day is expected to be around 5 Cr.

Other (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP & TS):
On Tuesday, the sci-fi flick collected Rs 54 lakhs across Chennai and it has grossed Rs 19.57 crore at the end of 13 days. 2.0 will cross the Rs 20-crore mark today and make Rajinikanth's birthday even more special for the fans. In addition, 2.0 has raked in Rs 28 crore in Chengalpet area alone in Tamil Nadu.

As expected 2.0 has gone down in Karnataka and it will be even less.We are expecting that after the 2nd Week, 2.0 trend will fall down to 0.On the 13th Day, 2.0 is expected to gross around 0.10 Cr in Karnataka.

With a drastic fall on the 12th Day, 13th Day for 2.0 in AP and TS will be lesser.As per the reports, the 2.0 will drop down to 0.50 Cr on its 13th Day.

Detailed Report:

1st-day box office -100 Cr

2nd-day box office -120 Cr

3rd-day box office -135+ Cr

4th-day box office -130+ Cr

5th-day box office -109 Cr

6th-day box office - 81 Cr

7th-day box office - 78.85 Cr

8th-day box office - 32.50 Cr

9th-day box office - 34 Cr

10th-day box office - 41.5Cr

11th-day box office - 54.99Cr

12th-day box office - 23.1Cr

13th-day box office - 18.1Cr

Opening weekend box office report - 485+Cr

Total Worldwide box office report - 957.44Cr

2.0 also stars Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. The movie is earning loads of money not just in the country but in the overseas markets as well. It recently crossed Rs 600 crore mark at the worldwide box office.2.0 imparts an important message that the world is not only for humans but also for other living beings. The film talks about the radiation emitting from the mobile phone towers and its adverse effects on birds.

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