Mohini Movie Review : The Trisha Starrer is Hard-Hitting !!! Well-Packaged Thriller.

July 27, 2018

Trisha Krishnan is seen in dual roles for the time in the bi-lingual movie, Mohini, which is said to be a horror and a message-oriented flick. Trisha had this long-awaited dream of featuring in a solo horror movie, much similar to Anushka Shetty's Arundhati. Though her wish was fulfilled with Nayagi, things never fell in place due to certain differences with the makers of the movie. With Mohini, it seems to be a complete circle for the ever-gorgeous actress. The first look of Mohini had already been a winner, where Trisha was seen with 7 arms, like a goddess, generating quite a curiosity.


Vaishnavi (Trisha) is very popular on YouTube for her cooking videos. Vaishnavi decides to go London to assist the fiance (Yogi Babu) of her friend in a bakery shop. But Vaishnavi gets possessed by Mohini (another Trisha) to take revenge against the evil men who killed her two years back. The film also handles sensitive topics like child trafficking and human sacrifice.

Mohini doesn't run on the conventional and a cliché thread of a bunk of folks entering into a haunted building which is isolated from the city and people. Instead, most of the proceedings in the movie take their own turn outdoors and yet strike riveting experience at parts. The story of the movie focuses on the explanation of supernatural elements from a science standpoint. Mohini also touches the base of women safety, which is laced with the revenge layer and thus blending horror, revenge and message in a single package. Trisha bags a dual role for the first time in her career and needless to say, walks with honours. She is gorgeous, delivers a good performance and conveys the content. Yogi Babu, Ganesh & Swaminathan bag meaty roles and have a lot of room to play and showcase their talent in the flick.

Rest of the casting is a decent fit in the movie who command nothing more or nothing less. Vivek Mervin, the music director, has done a decent job by rendering 4 good songs. 'Youtube La Melam' is a chartbuster and has recorded a good number of views and response on Youtube. Arul Dev is equally good in the rendition of the background music. Usually, BGM plays an important role in this genre. Cinematography by RB Gurudev is appreciable, as the locales captured in London are eye-soothing. Dinesh Ponraj's editing is just adequate, as it might not infuse much of the feel and the "supposed horrifying experience" as one would want to experience in a horror movie.

Ramana Madesh, the director who had called action-cut to Vijay's Madurey, has come up with a script which is not his usual cup of tea. Though his sincere efforts are visible, there appears to be a good room for improvement in most avenues of the movie. The comedy writing in the movie is good and Madesh seems to be quite a winner in the said segment. Mohini neither frightens you to the core nor moves you emotionally with the delivered message, but has its share of ups to qualify as a decent watch this weekend.

Review Ratings: ✯✯✯.5/5

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