Nikesha Patel Is All Set For Her Journey To The West.

June 05, 2018

Actress Nikesha Patel, who was last seen in 7 Naatkal, talks to DTNext about also being part of Kasthuri Raja’s comeback film.

With 15 films to her name in a career that has spanned over eight years, Nikesha Patel has planned to try her luck in the UK and US-based films this year. After exploring the south Indian movie industries, the actress has been approached with interesting offers from British and American filmmakers. “I have been eyeing the international market for quite some time now. Born and raised in Wales, I have been a part of several BBC TV series, before foraying into Telugu and Tamil industries. 

However, this year I decided that I will have to try my luck in the English film industry and have been shuttling between the Wales and the US. I will be making an announcement soon on these projects,” she begins. Nikesha is quite confident about striking a balance across industries and throws some light on her Telugu and Tamil projects. “Being raised in the UK, it was initially a struggle for me to adapt to the working style of South Indian film industries. But it didn’t take too long for me to understand how things how things work here.

After establishing myself as an actress in the South, I believe it is going to be a challenge for me to work in international films again, as the acting style is very subtle in the western movie world,” she says.

Talking about her upcoming projects, she says that she has a couple of films in Tamil and Telugu.“While I have Guntur Talkies 2 in Telugu, I have signed Dhanush’s father Kasthuri Raja sir’s comeback film in Tamil. Though I can’t divulge much about my role, I can say that it will have a rural backdrop to it. I’m excited to share screen space with Jackie Shroff, who plays the lead in the film. I will be joining the unit in the coming weeks,” she reveals. 

The actress has had her own shares of ups and downs in her career. When asked if she regrets looking back at her career, she says, “I have felt that I have chosen the right scripts but sometimes the wrong directors. The success or a failure of an artiste depends on the director’s vision and how he executes it. I’m very intuitive and sometimes hasn’t worked my way,” she concludes.

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