Padmaavat to finally release in Rajasthan.

February 07, 2018

Padmaavat finally finds its way to the theatres of Rajasthan as the High Court rejects the FIR lodged against the filmmaker, as well as actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone after a special screening of the movie.This court is of the firm opinion that the screening of the movie was essential for securing the ends of justice."The FIR was lodged by two persons, Virendra Singh and Nagpal Singh, who alleged that the film distorted "historical facts" and "hurt the image of Rani Padmini".Rejecting the FIR, Justice Mehta observed that sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), around which the case was filed, holds no bearing with the film as it doesn’t advocate disharmony or enmity between communi­ties and hurting religious sentiments, reports Hindustan Times.“During the hearing, the counsel for the respondent admitted that Padmavati is not a religious icon, but a historical icon. In such a way, there is no question of religious feelings hurt,” the court observed while quashing the FIR. Also read:[Padmaavat Earns Rs 219.50 Crore At The Box Office In 12 Days.]

While attending a special screening for an audience of four in Inox Mall here at 8 p.m. under high security, Justice Mehta pointed that a disclaimer has been shown in the film, which reflects “our glorious past and the military strategy of Rani Padmavati”

Petitioner’s counsel Ravi Bhansali said that the High Court took the decision after inspecting all the aspects of the FIR.

“The film was cleared by the censor board after scrutinising all aspects. Even the Supreme Court has stayed orders issued by the Rajasthan government prohibiting exhibition of the film in the state and it is said to be a violation of freedom of expression,” he said.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi, founder of Shree Rajput Karni Sena, told IANS that the administration called him to ensure whether his group was comfortable with the screening. "We have no issues for the screening of the film for legal reasons and there will be no problem from our side," he said.

Note:Padmaavat has earned Rs 7 crore on its second Monday, taking its total to a huge Rs 219.50 crore.

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