Aamir Khan Offers Imran Khan A Comeback Role In Mahabharat!!!

February 04, 2018

Details of the cast in Aamir Khan’s five-film adaptation of the Mahabharat are filtering in from various quarters. Informed sources say that Aamir’s nephew, Imran Khan, who has been out of work for the last three years, is going to be part of the cast. It is still unclear which role Imran would fit into.

A source close to Aamir says, “After Katti Batti flopped miserably, Imran has not been offered any films. He has been on a break for more than two years now. He needs to get back to work. And what better way to resume than accepting a role in Aamir’s proposed five-part magnum opus?”

Right at the start of Imran’s career, Aamir had signed Imran for Delhi Belly after Ranbir Kapoor opted out, rueing, “How will I watch this film with my parents at the premiere?” Luckily for  the  young actor,Imran’s family had no issues with the raunchy content  of Delhi Belly. And moreover, isn’t Maamujaan more than making up for the risqué content by offering his nephew a role in Mahabharat?

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