Sketch with Mass ravi !!! Chiyaan always treated me like his brother.

January 27, 2018

Mass Ravi, a short filmmaker and a struggling actor in K'town, has finally got a break through Vikram's Sketch. Ravi, who played a henchman in the gangster film, shares his experiences acting alongside Chiyaan.

"Though I prepared myself in all aspects to become an actor, it was not fetching any results. That's when I thought I should do something, which would reveal my talents. I made two short films Dhaagam and One Like One Comment. Both were received well and many celebs appreciated the making and my acting. 

Vijay Chander was one of them who gave me the chance in Sketch," Ravi states.I got due recognition and experience of 10 films just by acting in Sketch, he adds."Vikram sir was so down to earth and graciously allowed a newcomer like me to play opposite to him in a solid role. There were a lot of action sequences between us. He always treated me like his brother."

Recalling as how caring the Anniyan star is, he said, "For a particular stunt block, I was taking many takes. Sensing a problem, he came up to me and asked the reason. I said I was hurt severely on my leg. He requested me to rest for a while and then come for the shot." Ravi's upcoming film includes Vellai Yaanai, Ulogam and three more untitled films.

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