Australia’s Brisbane Airport Is Now Accepting Bitcoins!!!

January 31, 2018

Australia’s Brisbane airport announced last week that it will soon be allowing their travellers to pay with cryptocoins at the terminal shopping areas. Although there is hope that other airports might follow suit eventually, it is currently the first and only one to offer this in the whole world.This has been made possible, because of a deal that has been struck between the airport and crypto travel firm TravelbyBit, allowing passengers to pay in stores with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Steem.

The general manager at Brisbane Airport Corporation said;

“Many people around the world have made money investing in cryptocurrencies and a lot of these people travel internationally, so it makes sense to offer a digital currency experience with our terminals…We’re also proud to be the first airport in the world to achieve this in partnership with a small local start-up business such as TravelbyBit, whose pioneering thinking is drawing attention to Brisbane as a serious breeding ground of innovative thinking…This is just the beginning for us as we hope to expand the digital currency option across the business.”The CEO of TravelbyBit echoed this statement, saying;

“[His business] is building a genuine use case for cryptocurrencies in the tourism industry…Whenever you travel overseas you have to deal with multiple currencies and you never know what exchange rates the banks are charging you…Here at TravelbyBit we are promoting the Bitcoin travel movement. Digital currency for world-wide travel. It’s simple, safe and there’s no bank fees.”

Bitcoin started its production in 2009, and since then, its popularity has grown significantly. Despite having a rocky few weeks at the beginning of this year, more than 100,000 merchants worldwide are now accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. There is hope that this number will simply increase as more and more people start to accept virtual currencies.

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