Shocking! Actress Vijayalakshmi leaks private videos of Seeman!

February 13, 2020

Although Seeman, the Tamil Nationalist and Chief Coordinator of Naam Tamilar Katchi, has strongly been engineering his political policies and agendas against the Dravidian parties, his fierce speeches and statements would, most often, spurred huge controversies and disputes that some times ended up being sarcastically trolled and criticized.

Recently,Actress Vijayalakshmi has accused actor-turned-politician Seeman of cheating her after promising marriage.

The actress, who was rumoured to be in a relationship with Seeman, has accused him earlier too. The fresh allegations came after Seeman’s visit to Tanjore Temple in Tamil Nadu. She also said that her life has been full of struggles.

A popular face in Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam film industry, Vijayalakshmi has also sought help from Rajinikanth, reports Pinkvilla.

The news website reported that the actress first made headlines in 2006 when she attempted suicide after being allegedly harassed by a director. The incident led to end of her 3-year engagement with actor Srujan Lokesh.

She has also shared several videos & photos to prove her relationship with Seeman.

"We have lived like husband and wife. He has written love letters for me and came to my house to celebrate Valentine's Day and at that point, I took these photos for memories. I didn't realise I will be cheated, maybe God knew,” Astro Ulagam quoted her as saying in an earlier report.

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