Kadaram Kondan Movie Review : The Chiyaan Starrer is Hard-Hitting ! Well-Packaged Thriller.

July 19, 2019

The much-awaited Kadaram Kondan has finally arrived on the big screen. The fans have been eagerly waiting to check out their hero’s next film after Saamy Square.

Kadaram Kondan is an action thriller, which has Kamal's daughter Akshara Haasan playing an important role. Abi Hassan, Lena, Vikas, Jasmine, Cherry and a host of actors are part of the supporting cast. The film has Ghibran's music, Srinivas R Gutha's cinematography and Praveen KL's editing.

This is one hell of an action movie. Chiyaan Vikram fans, get ready to witness Chiyaan Vikram like never before. The action scenes are the soul of the movie. The way Chiyaan Vikram performs in those edgy scenes, its an eye candy all over.

Absolutely terrific work by the director Rajesh Selva and Cinematographer Srinivas R. Gutha. Ghibran gives you goosebumps all over the movie. His music action scenes give you an ultimate high.

The movie movie is engaging right from start. The slow motion scenes taken on vikram will remind you of a Hollywood actor . The movie will not disappoint you with the content and visuals.Director has made it sure that vikram look sharp in every frame. The Pre- Climax twist will be a major plus and will make you feel contended when you leave cinema hall. The music given by Gibhran is apt for the story especially BGM.

Apart from action, the dialogues, story, and plot are so much appealing and interesting. As I have said before Vikram has given a great performance, along with him, rest of the cast has also performed exceedingly well. To conclude, I would say its a treat for Chiyaan Vikram’s fans. Congrats to the makers.

Review Ratings:✯✯✯.8 /5

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