Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Just bought $10,000 worth of Bitcoin,Jack Predicts Massive Bitcoin Acceleration.

March 07, 2019

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a big Bitcoin fan. He has been bullish on the cryptocurrency’s chances of becoming the native internet currency, and bearish on the prospects of others.

On a podcast with Tales from the Crypt, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey spoke to Marty Bent about all things Bitcoin and mentioned that he maxed his Bitcoin buy limit for the week.

On the podcast, Dorsey mentioned how CashApp was the only public company trying to bring Bitcoin to the masses. He also added that CashApp’s team worked towards bringing the application closer to users by working with the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], paving the way for others.

Speaking about the “Stacking Sat Saturday”, Jack Dorsey stated,

I saw that [Stacking Sat Saturday] on Twitter… I would have participated but I’ve already exceeded my limit.

Although Dorsey didn’t exactly say that he was aggregating BTC worth $10,000 every week, users on Twitter rephrased it. Stack Sat Saturday is a movement/trend where users accumulate $25 worth of BTC every Saturday to exhibit the growing importance of the cryptocurrency.

The hashtag used for this trend was #stackingsats [Stacking Satoshis], and it is already catching up with users like Pierre Rochard and other prominent cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the space. Dorsey added that he might be able to join the #stackingsats next week when his limit cycle is renewed.

A Twitter user @girevik_ tweeted,

TIL @jack is maxing out the weekly $10k BTC buy limit. I guess smart money has been loading up on cheap BTC all along.

Jack Dorsey has been vocal about the internet currency aka Bitcoin [BTC] over the past few months. He even contributed to the Lightning Network by accepting the Torch and passing it on. Dorsey has often proclaimed his support for Bitcoin and its underlying technology, with the most recent episode being on the Joe Rogan podcast.

@BrokeWokeJoke, a Twitter user, commented,

And here I was thinking I was the only fool buying regularly!

Another user, @devilninja777 commented,

$10K per week for Jack is $100 per week for me. We are both loading up :)

To the above, a user @americanhodl tweeted,

It’s actually more like $1 a week to you


Jack Dorsey says the Bitcoin whitepaper is one of the most seminal works of the last 20 years.

In a new interview on the Tales from the Crypt podcast, Dorsey talks about his early experiences with cryptocurrency and why he decided to integrate BTC with Square’s Cash App.

On the subject of Bitcoin and blockchain, and how they’ll impact the growth of the internet at large, Dorsey says he believes a “massive acceleration” is on the horizon.
Imagine being born this year, growing up only knowing that the potential for a global currency exists. That is exciting. So, just what that person does, the person born in this year or even the past few years, growing up only knowing that this potential exists – what that person does with that realization is amazing…

“I think there’s a massive acceleration that is going to happen within the next 10 years, because the generation growing up only knowing these technologies exist – pairing AI with blockchain, and being able to have this amazingly accessible environment to program in.

So that’s what excites me. The acceleration points rather than the specific points on the timeline.

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