Japanese Director Sion Sono Suffers Heart Attack.

February 08, 2019

Sion Sono (57) was hospitalized on Thursday afternoon due to what is suspected to have been a heart attack. He was brought from his home in Shinjuku to the hospital via emergency medical transport.

The cult Japanese Director reportedly called an ambulance on Thursday afternoon when he began experiencing chest pains at his home in Tokyo's Shinjuku district.

His agency confirmed that Sono had suffered a heart attack, saying: "He now requires to time to recuperate." Sono's wife Megumi Kagurazaka, 37, who has appeared in seven of his films, gave birth to their first child last week.

Sion Sono made his debut as a director in 1985, and is known for films such as Love Exposure and The Whispering Star. He has directed a number of live-action films based on manga, including Suicide Club, Tokyo Tribe, Shinjuku Swan, All Esper Dayo!, and the award-winning Himizu film. Sono was one of several Japanese creators invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last year.

The director is working on a drama for Netflix, due to run this year, his second TV series, after 2017's Vampire Hotel for Amazon. He is also set to direct Nicolas Cage in a crime thriller Prisoners of the Ghostland, his first overseas production. At the Berlin Film Festival on Wednesday, it was announced that Imogen Poots would also star in Ghostland. 

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