Avengers End Game Star Chris Hemsworth to play wrestling legend Hulk Hogan in biopic.

February 22, 2019
Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan in his formative years of his ascent to fame.

The wrestling world has reacted in anger after Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, 36, was cast to play Hulk Hogan in a Netflix biography this week. 

Netflix has obtained the rights to make a film from Hulk, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea. According to Variety.com, the film will be directed by Todd Phillips and the script is being written by Scott Silver and John Pollano’s team.

Producers are Michael Sugar through his Sugar23’s first-look Netflix deal along with Joint Efforts' Phillips and Bradley Cooper, Eric Bischoff, and Hemsworth. Hogan will be the executive produce along with Sugar23’s Ashley Zalta. Co-producers are Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman.

On Thursday, wrestling commentator Bryan Alvarez, 43, said the Australian actor was not buff enough to play the 1980s strongman, and he thought the actor was of 'regular size'. 

Bryan delivered a number of smackdowns on the Hollywood star while speaking on his popular blog Wrestling Observer Figure Four online.Bryan, himself a semi-retired professional wrestler, said: 'Chris Hemsworth just looks like a normal guy' and remarked that he had a similar body type to Brad Pitt in 2004 film, Troy. 
'He's big, and yes he's got long blonde hair, but...have you seen Hulk Hogan in the '80s? He's at least twice the size of Thor,' he continued. Bryan then went on to criticise the Aussie actor because he isn't American, and how Chris doesn't stand a chance to transform himself into Hulk.   'Do you know how many big blonde bodybuilders tried to turn into Hulk Hogan in the 80s and 90s? And you know how many got over as Hulk Hogan? Zero.'

'He's Hulk Hogan for christ's sake.' Chris's casting also attracted plenty of criticism on Twitter, with users parroting similar criticisms to Bryan.  

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