Kedarnath Movie Review : A One - time Watch.

December 06, 2018

Sara Ali Khan is a feisty, young girl living in Kedarnath with her family. She’s the daughter of a pundit in Kedarnath.Her father (Nitish Bharadwaj) is a local priest and things get complicated when Mukku falls in love with a muslim boy and local pithoo Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput). Mansoor is soft-hearted and humble. Mukku belongs to a wealthy Brahmin family, and Mansoor is a poor Muslim. While the inter-faith romance between characters of different faith forms the core of the story, no one anticipates the other life-changing event, that is about to take this holy place by storm.

Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath is important on three levels. Kedarnath features an all-too-familiar love story, that gets a boost thanks to the climactic floods that devastated civilization in the mountain town of Uttarakhand, in 2013. Further he makes artistic choices and liberties to highlight the humane aspect of the story. Kedarnath is primarily a love story where Kapoor demotes the disaster angle from the backdrop to the backburner. Disaster films have an odd reputation, often merely dismissed as popcorn fodder, so it's strange to have a film billed as such but to put character and drama over spectacle.

The first half is relatively much better and keeps you entertained. Abhishek has only paid heed to the romantic angle and in building the lead characters & their chemistry. The beautiful and breathtaking location & landscapers enhance the romantic vibe and Amit Trivedi’s magical music charms you. But the lack of quality VFX, a sensible climax and losing the script’s direction & purpose really brings the overall movie experience down. It could have been a masterpiece as the makers could have given more emphasis on production and could have made it look believable as they had it all right from an interesting plot to good actors.

This is an important film in Sushant’s career who has given a few solid performances in his career. His endearing Mansoor act will be a delight to his fans and he is commendable. He somehow speaks through his eyes and portrays all the emotions well. Not to forget, he lip-syncs and dances like a true Hindi film hero. Coming to Sara, who has made a promising debut with Kedarnath, the girl’s natural act is hard to miss and her talent will speak for herself. She is fiery and will remind you of her mother Amrita Singh and even Preity Zinta, in a few scenes. Sara definitely brings the old world charms of actresses of the 90’s with her mannerisms and adaayegi.

Tushar Kanti Ray’s cinematography beautifully captures the many colours of the temple town, and Sanjay Kumar Choudhary has aptly recreated Kedarnath for the flood sequences.His brilliant cinematography which captures the breathtaking valleys of Kedarnath, the lead-pair’s cracking and hard to miss chemistry.Composer Amit Trivedi sets the mood of the movie with Namo Namo in the opening scenes and delivers with his creations like Sweetheart and Qaafirana.and his soulful music are indeed the plus points of the film, no denying. 

Review Ratings:✯✯.75/5

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