Amala Paul Accuses Director Susi Ganeshan Of Sexual Exploitation.

October 24, 2018

Director Susi Ganesan was accused recently by Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai of harassing her. She had shared her story in detail on her social networking page. 

Now Actress Amala Paul has made strong allegations against director Susi Ganesan of sexual misconduct during the shooting of 'Thiruttu Payale 2'.  

Amala Paul put out her statement on Twitter."Me too despite being the lead actress for 'Thirutupayale 2' was subjected to double meaning talks, misrepresented offers and unchivalrous bodily contacts. This pretty much made my experience of shooting TP2, a menatally fatiguing one. I can totally understand what she could have been subjected through." "I applaud her for the courage she showed by narrating her ordeal on a public platform," added Amala Paul
Check Out Amala Paul's Tweet:
Amala Paul has come out in support of Leena Manimegalai who accused Susi Ganesan of trying to molest her in his car a few years back.  The actress has stated that she can imagine what would have happened to Leena by a man who has a twisted set of moral values and utterly low respect for women.  According to the heroine, Leena being an aspiring filmmaker would have been an easy target for Susi Ganesan.

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