I Donot Think Anybody Besides Me Best suited for Mogul : Akshay !

August 02, 2018

Akshay Kumar is currently riding the biopic wave, as his movie Gold, where he plays Tapan Das, the manager of free India’s first hockey team to take on the Olympics, is about to release pretty soon. In fact, as far as Akshay Kumar and biopics go, he was also rumoured to be part of another biopic, that of Gulshan Kumar, Mogul. But, it’s been confirmed that he’s not part of the project anymore. Although, he does still have something to say.

At a launch event for Gold, Akshay was asked about the Gulshan Kumar project, questioned on who could play the part well if not him. To this he replied “I don’t think anybody besides me.” If anything, we'd call that confidence.

There is no clear word on who will play the legendary music mogul and film producer. While people originally thought Aamir Khan would take on the role, Bhushan Kumar, one of the film’s producers and Gulshan Kumar’s son, refuted those rumours. Aamir will be one of the producers of the film instead. Now, reports suggest that Ranbir Kapoor will be playing the title role, coming off of the hit that was his other biopic, Sanju

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