Ghajinikanth Movie Review : Humour Does The Trick !! Family Entertainer.

August 03, 2018

The film is a remake of the Telugu hit film, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015), featuring Nani and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead and to Santhosh's credit, he has been able to reproduce both the humour 
and the charm of the original.

Review :

Rajinikanth (Arya) is an agricultural scientist who has everything in life. He has a family, friends and a job that he loves. The only problem is that his parents can't find him a bride because he has a small problem that pertains to his memory or to be more specific, the lack of it.

In other words, Rajinikanth is someone who can focus on a task with utmost attention until the point his attention is drawn to something else. Simply put, he would be performing a task, but will completely forget about it the moment there is another task that requires his attention.

This problem puts Rajinikanth (his friends call him Ghajinikanth because of his forgetfulness), his friends and his parents, who are desperate to find him a bride, in a quandary. Ghajini refers to the 2005 Tamil film starring Suriya and 2008 Hindi film starring Aamir Khan, in which the central character suffers from short-term memory loss.

Rajinikanth's dad Ramanathan (Aadukalam Naren) is particularly worried about getting his son married. He keeps constantly approaching the parents of suitable girls in the hope that his son's wedding will get fixed to one of the girls. As part of such efforts, he approaches Sathiyamoorthy (Sampath Raj), the father of  Vandana (Sayyeshaa Saigal), a prospective bride for his son, with a proposal.

However, Sathiyamoorthy says he will make a decision after meeting the to-be-bridegroom. Rajinikanth prepares to meet his prospective father-in-law but he completely forgets about the meeting and makes the man wait for four hours. An infuriated Sathiyamoorthy leaves in a huff. He gets to know of Ghajinikanth's problem and turns down the proposal.

Soon after this incident, one day, Rajinikanth is called by his friend to donate blood to their boss who has been admitted to a hospital. Rajinikanth goes to donate blood but thanks to his forgetful nature, ends up donating it to a little girl on the first floor instead of his boss who is on the third floor. Luckily for him, Vandana is the caretaker of the little girl to whom he has donated blood and the woman is impressed with Rajinikanth's altruistic act.

They start meeting each other and eventually fall in love. Ghajini is delighted with this new development in his life until the time Vandana arranges a meeting between him and her dad to talk about their wedding.

When Ghajini gets to know that Vandana is the daughter of the man who had left in a huff after calling him a good-for-nothing person, he is in for a shock. How does he convince a man who does not even want to meet him to agree to give his daughter's hand in marriage? Rajinikanth embarks upon a bold and ambitious plan to win the hand of the girl he loves. Does he succeed in his mission?

The film is genuinely funny. In fact, certain parts of the Tamil version surpass the Telugu version. For instance, when Rajinikanth and his dad Ramanathan are caught dancing to the song 'Sodakku Mela Sodakku Poduthu' and Sathiyamoorthy suddenly comes visiting them is extremely hilarious. The credit for this sequence must go to Aadukalam Naren, who does an outstanding job of playing Arya's father in the film.

Arya's innocent face and impeccable sense of timing have always helped score in the comedy genre and in Ghajinikanth too, they help him do a wonderful job. He plays the character to perfection, relishing the role with all his heart. He is ably supported by two really  good comedians — Satish and Karunakaran, both of whom play his friends.

Satish has a slightly meatier role than Karunakaran, but both contribute equally to the humour quotient of the film.

One of the biggest strengths of this film is its leading lady, Sayyeshaa Saigal, who plays Vandana. She emotes well, and in the comedy sequences, picks up the cues so perfectly that it does not, even for a moment, strike the viewer that she is an actress who does not understand Tamil. She seals her authority when it comes to dance and makes it clear that she is probably the best dancer among the heroines of Tamil cinema today. On the whole, Saigal plays the role to perfection.

Ballu's cinematography is decent as is the music of Balamurali Balu.

Director Santhosh Peter Jayakumar has made a strong statement with this film. He has shown that he can make a clean family entertainer which has the potential to achieve as much commercial success as an adult horror comedy. At a time, when most directors flounder even to make one film that works at the box office, Santhosh has made two, simultaneously.

The director, over a period of two months, made two films, shooting one film by day and the other by night, sleeping only while travelling from the sets of one  film to the other. There is very little to find fault with in Ghajinikanth, which is  really an enjoyable family entertainer.

Ghajinikanth puts logic aside but there’s plenty of situational humour where you’ll find yourself laughing aloud and having a good time. And these laughs are with than at the protagonist.

Review Ratings : ✯✯✯/5

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