Deepika - Ranveer Allegedly Attack Fan In Florida !!! Check Video.

August 05, 2018

Recently, a video of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh walking hand-in-hand at Disneyland surfaced on the internet and instantly became viral. However, Zainab Khan, the fan who made the video now claims that the stars were disrespectful to her and that Ranveer ‘went off on her’ for shooting the video.

Zainab wrote two long Instagram posts in which she shared her experience. “I was a really big fan, but after meeting such horrible people, I have no words. First of all, I did not ‘follow them around’, I’m not a damn paparazzi. I am on vacation and I have better things to do with my life than chase around celebrities (sic),” she wrote.

She added, “When she (Deepika) walked towards me smiling, I really thought she was coming to take a picture, but her and Ranveer actually came and yelled at me. The reason why I did not record them yelling at me is because they were right in my face and I was traumatised by their loud tone (sic).”

Check Out The Video:

While the actors haven’t commented on this, their fans have been trolling Zainab for invading Ranveer-Deepika’s privacy. “It was their private vacation, you should have respected that instead of recording the (sic),” commneted one user. While the other wrote, “You’re looking for attention. You’re disrespectful for recording people and uploading a video of them without their consent (sic).”

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