All about Rajinism 2.0, A Befitting Tribute To Superstar Rajinikanth.

July 30, 2018

All about Rajinism 2.0, a befitting tribute to superstar Rajinikanth.

Superstar Rajinikanth has won millions of hearts across the globe. To pay tribute to the star, a die-hard fan, Sameer Bharath Ram has written a book titled Rajinism 2.0.Rajinism is full of anecdotes from his life – from people who knew him before his stardom (who poured out their heart to express their love for the legend). It also consists of some rare photographs that will definitely bring joy to his fans.

Speaking to Mirror exclusively, Sameer excitedly told why he zeroed down to the name Rajinism 2.0. “I think all the fans of Thalaivar are hugely influenced by him. Our values and what’s good in our heart comes from him and his philosophies. It’s like a cult following. That’s why I wanted to call it Rajinism 2.0.”

Sameer confessed that he has been a fan of Thalaivar since his childhood. Talking about what inspired him to write the book, he said, “I am a big fan since my childhood. He has been the biggest influence in my life through his movies, dialogues and songs. As a matter of fact, I have named my company super talkies derived from “superstar” as we call him here.”
The author shared his favourite anecdote of meeting the superstar. “I have met him a few times. Each time I see him, is like the first time and I get very nervous. His energy is so strong. And we almost surrender to the positivity,” said Sameer.

However, he is yet to show the book to the legend. “He is yet to see it. I will request for an appointment soon to show the book to him,” Sameer signed off.

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