Kaala Fast Review : Superstar slays it in style...

June 07, 2018

Superstar Rajinikanth slays it in style in the role of a revolutionary savior in his latest action drama Kaala. While it’s high on the superstar’s trademark swagger and on-screen antics, the film would have benefited from tighter editing; it has a staggering 180-minute running time.

But the verbal sparring between him and the arch villain, played by a menacing Nana Patekar as a smarmy politician, keeps us invested.

The slick climax is also worth a watch, but the film does not boast of a slew of bombastic dialogues that are Rajinikanth’s signature.If you are in the mood to watch a hyper-stylised tale about the trials, the triumphs and the indefatigable grit of Mumbai slum-dwellers living in Dharavi, then give this film a shot.

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