Thala Ajith Says : I am Honoured And Humbled !!!

May 06, 2018

Thala Ajith, who is all set to begin shooting for Viswasam on Monday, has been appointed by the Madras Institute Technology (MIT) as Helicopter Test Pilot and UAV System Adviser/ Consultant. 

He will be helping the students build an advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for a global challenge before representing the institution for a seminar that will take place in Australia in September. “He had been doing this for a month, spending three hours with the students on this project. MIT has tied up with various hospitals in executing the UAVs to transport organs. On Thursday, he was appointed as their consultant. 

He will also be representing the college for a seminar on the subject in Australia,” said Ajith’s spokesperson to DTNext . Sharing with us on what the actor felt about this opportunity, he said, “Ajith’s passion for cars, bikes, airplanes and rifle shooting is sky high. 

He never misses such opportunities. He said that he is honoured and humbled at this opportunity and feels happy to have dedicated his time for this.” The source added that, Ajith will wrap up Viswa sam before travelling to Australia in September.

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