Suriya & Karthi Are Genuine And Gentle People: Rakul Preet.

May 01, 2018

This might be the first film that Rakul Preet is doing with Selvaraghavan, but the two have a connection from before — her debut film in Kannada was the remake of Selva’s 7G Rainbow Colony. “I’ve seen his films, and the remake was my first film in Kannada; I had done it for pocket money. I don’t think Selva knows about it, else, he must be thinking what have I done to his film,” says the actress with a laugh.

Rakul had joined the set of his film with Suriya, NGK, late last month and has shot a chunk of her portions. “It was supposed to be a longer schedule, but I had to join the crew of my Hindi film with Ajay Devgn. So, I shot only for about six days out of the 25-odd days. But those few days on the set has been an amazing experience that I can’t put into words. I’ve heard people tell me that Selva is a thorough professional and that I can find a new dimension to my acting with him. So, I didn’t know what to expect, and I went there with a clean state. That he is an institute in himself is an understatement. He is a tough taskmaster and I got to do something that I haven’t done before,” she says.

Ask her about her role, and she says, “It’s too early to divulge details, but I can say that it’s a powerful, well-written role. I can’t even say that this is a role that I haven’t done before, because I hadn’t even imagined in my head that there can be a character like this. It’s something that I haven’t even visualised before.”

Interestingly, Rakul is one of those actresses who has worked with brothers Suriya and Karthi. “I’ve always been vocal about how Suriya is one of my favourite actors in the Tamil industry. He is so effortless and his eyes are super powerful. He is very strong as an actor, yet grounded. Karthi and he are genuine and gentle people,” she says.

Ask the actress if she’s finding it difficult to juggle films in the three film industries, and she says, “If you let the fact that things are going so smooth for you to sink in, then you will lose focus. For me, it’s always been about what I am shooting the next day, and not how many films I have in my kitty and in what languages. I am not looking at positioning in the industry, and I always hope that I get the opportunity to shoot the next day. So, I will take every good role that comes my way.”

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