Kamal hassan demands Prime Minister Modi.

April 12, 2018

Prime Minister Modi is making his visit to Chennai. Special security measures have been taken by the police to facilitate safety. Makkal Needhi Maiam’s Kamal Haasan had a message for Modi which he shared via  a video in his official twitter page.

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Noting the agitations and the protests that are happening across the state for Cauvery Management Board, he noted his hope that the PM would deliver a solution to the ongoing crisis. Kamal wasn’t also hesitant to point out that common thinks that the ‘delay in justice’ might be because of Karnataka’s upcoming election and Modi wanting to gain political mileage in the state. “I want this belief to be dispelled, as people are more important than elections,” Kamal stated.

Kamal also further requested that Modi do justice to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in regards with SC’s direction.  “I’m sure that you will do the needful, and you must,” Kamal ended his note. Kamal also had sent a detaiuled letter to the Prime Minister urging him to look into the Cauvery matter. 

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