Vijay 62 acquiring permission to shoot despite Tamil Cinema Strike has drawn flak courtesy.

March 21, 2018

The TPFC had called in on a new release ban on March 16. Apart from no new releases hitting theatres, makers of upcoming films were not allowed to continue shooting. However despite the strike, Thalapathy Vijay’s upcoming movie with AR Murugadoss was shooting at Victoria Hall in Chennai.This caused a stir among other producers but later, the TPFC issued a clarification. The film had acquired special permission to shoot because some of their crew  members were from Andhra Pradesh and there were only few days to the completion of the schedule. “We want to accommodate producers’ interests as much as possible. This is why the TFPC looked at these cases and decided in their favour,” stated the TPFC’s treasurer as per reports on The Hindu. But this reasoning has not convinced certain producers. They are of the view that the TPFC should have been clear about allowing exemption if it was possible.

The general view is that the TPFC came up with an explanation only after noise was created on social media over Thalapathy 62’s shoot. As per reports on The Hindu, here’s what the former Nadigar Sangam President have to say -“What they should have said is that they are going on a strike from March 16 and these four people have been given permission to continue their shooting and that if others have a valid reason, they can also get permission,”

Many producers had stopped filming thinking it was not allowed, but now that few films have been given permission, they believe that the TPFC should have made this clear. Tomorrow it will be a week since the strike hit Tamil Nadu. If this continues, summer will be clogged with releases as films will delay their release date.

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