Trending: Kaala teaser hits the Social Media 205K likes with 1.6M views!

March 02, 2018

Rajinikanth’s Kaala Karikaalan teaser is finally out and fans are going crazy over it. It is the number one trend on Twitter right now and fans are predicting a blockbuster. Thalaiva is known for his swag, style and his impeccably impressive way of playing a don. People are even comparing it to the Kabali teaser. We’re sure the teaser is going to make and break new records. People are even posting stills and gifs from the trailer. Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar’s face off in the teaser is what had us hooked on to our screens. The best part was how well Hindi and Tamil were merged in this teaser.

We’re sure that’s how it will be in the entire film. The film is all set to release on 27th April 2018. Fans are saying that it will definitely be a huge hit at the box office. Compared to all the other times Thalaiva has played the role of a don, this one might seem a little off but he makes up for it. For me, Baasha and Kabali will always be the perfect examples of Thalaiva playing the role of a don.A 1-minute and 15 seconds rough teaser cut of Kaala has been leaked online and looks like the leaked video could have been in the edit table. It’s a tough situation that every filmmaker faces where portions of the film or teaser or trailer are leaked to the outside world before the official release.

Kaala's teaser was supposed to release only by 10 AM today but this leak might push the makers to advance their plans.

The team is expecting 50 Million digital views from the first 24 hours. If that happens, it will shatter all existing records.

Finally its 200K likes with 1.6M views for Kaala !

KaalaTeaser : 205K likes in
10hrs & 29 min  

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