Teaser of Rajinikanth 2.0 Gets Leaked!!!

March 04, 2018

The teaser of 2.0, which was to be released in few weeks from now has been leaked on social media. While a set of people cannot keep calm after watching it, most of the fans are furious at the makers and are requesting others to not watch it and kill all the excitement. But the point is that it’s too late now. The teaser, which seems like a rough cut (considering one can see the green screen in it) has gone viral and considering it’s 2.0, there is no way that people would not want to catch this leaked glimpse of the movie.Incidentally, the teaser of another Rajinikanth film made its way online few weeks before the official release. We are talking about the teaser of Kaala, which was also leaked on social media. It put the producers in a fix and hence they decided to release it earlier than the scheduled date. But don’t get all happy thinking that the same will happen with 2.0 too. That’s because the VFX for the film is still not completed. So until that bit is not done with, we cannot expect the official teaser of 2.0 on the internet. 

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