Taxiwala is ambitious!!Its Thrilling, Hilarious sci-fi movie!!Director Rahul Says!!!

March 24, 2018

'Taxiwala' is ambitious.  If you are in doubt, just read what Vijay Devarakonda has to say.  "My prescription for all your worries and stress this year.  Have a good dosage of VIJAY DEVERAKONDA as Siva in Taxiwaala on May 18," he tweeted out on Saturday.  OK, we have noticed the upper case letters!A short video of Vijay gustily driving his taxi was released on Friday.  Also, the film's First Look is out.  We are now told that 'Taxiwala' is actually a science fiction thriller. 

Sayd director Rahul Sankrithyan, “We are really happy with the immense reception the short video has got. Everybody in Tollywood is discussing our film. Producers of GA 2, UV Pictures and our hero Vijay Devarakonda are the reason for this.  Our film will thrill the audience from word go.  It's both hilarious and thrilling. You are going to see a new Devarakonda in the movie.  His timing is pitch-perfect."  

"The director has prepared the story of 'Taxiwala' as a full-length entertainer keeping in mind Vijay's image.  This is going to become a milestone film in Vijay’s career.  Vijay's current craze and popularity need no introduction.  Vijay’s mannerisms, body language, and characterization will mesmerize the audience. Director Rahul’s treatment, Sujith Sarang’s visuals, Jakes Bejoy's music, Krishnakanth lyrics, and Jashua’s stunts are going to be major highlights," producer SKN says.  The entertainer also stars Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair, Kalyani, Madhunandan, Sijju Menon, Ravi Prakash, Ravi Varma, Uttej, Vishnu and others.The screenplay and dialogues are by Sai Kumar Reddy.  The cinematographer is also taking care of editing and coloring.  Srikanth Rami Shetty is the art director.  Sync Cinema is taking care of the Sound department.  Ananth Kacherla is the publicity designer.  

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