Sonakshi Sinha Not In HouseFull 4!!Sajid says!!!

March 14, 2018

It could well be a case of a marketing team in overdrive, but producer Sajid Nadiadwala wonders where the talk of Sonakshi Sinha being a part of Housefull 4 started. “I haven’t even met her, let alone offer her a role,” says Sajid, incredulously. 

At the moment, Sonakshi, with a string of duds behind her, might benefit from being associated with this big project, but here’s the thing — the movie will star only the actors from the first three films. No more and no less. Says Sajid, “Yes, that’s right. We intend to bring back the entire cast from the earlier Housefull films. Of course, Jiah Khan is no longer with us, God bless her soul. But all the rest are on.”

The idea for Housefull 4 came to Sajid in a flash. “I just thought that we’ve seen so many serious, intense, romantic films on the theme of reincarnation. Why not a funny take on punar janam? My writers cracked the idea in no time; I thought it would take them a year to come up with a terrific plot.”

Meanwhile, Sajid Khan has teamed up with Sajid Nadiadwala yet again, the director who worked on the first two Housefull films. The two had had a fallout after the movies, and the third installment was directed by duo Sajid-Farhad. 

The producer believes in letting bygones be bygones though, and is ready to roll with the movie that will be set in two different eras. However, the movie isn’t scheduled to release anytime before Diwali 2019. So one may want to hold on to that thought. 

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