Khloe Kardashian is having a baby girl!!!Kim breaks the happy news!!

March 05, 2018

Khloe Kardashian is having a baby girl.The pregnant Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's good news was revealed on Twitter on Sunday night.Amid the excitement her sister Kim Kardashian beat her to the punch, tweeting: 'OMG @khloekardashian & @RealTristan13 are having a girl!!!!!'Her tweet came after Khloe dithered over sharing the happy news, a surprise to fans after media reports that the unborn child was a boy.'I want to tweet my commentary but I don’t want to ruin the episode for anybody else who hasn’t seen it yet LOL' she wrote, before retweeting Kim's premature announcement.

Luckily Khloe didn't seem bothered not to be the one to break the news.'I am now so excited my daughter will have forever best friends with Chicago and Stormi!! God is great!!! Thank you Lord for our princess,' she wrote.

She then answered a few questions from fans, writing when asked if she knew it was a boy: 'It’s so hard!!! Lol I knew the name if I was having a boy. So now I really have to figure this out.'When Kim realised she had been the first to reveal the sex of Khloe's baby, she deleted then retweeted her comment. 

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