Kangana Ranaut Says : I am a big Modi fan.

March 19, 2018

The actress, who claims to be a nationalist and someone who’s always been unlucky in love, reveals why no political party will be interested in hiring her

On Saturday, at the Rising India Summit, Kangana Ranaut decided to pick up the microphone herself and start talking even before the anchor could kick-start the session. During her session, professing her love for the PM, the actress said: “I am a big Modi fan. Unfortunately, I am not politically aware. For a success story and as a young woman, I believe that we need to have the right role models. We have a prime minister who is a chaiwala. It is not his victory, it is a victory of democracy. I feel he is the right role model.”

Calling herself a nationalist who doesn’t believe in any religion, she stated, “I had never heard the word nationalism before. The good news is that someone is using this word now! I, as a youth, want to see growth in my life. If India does not grow, I don’t grow.”

Talking about being let down in the Hrithik Roshan affair, the actress said, “At every point you feel that you will be let down and you will never love again. I have been feeling like that since I was 16. I have had so many affairs; I’ve always felt that life has taken everything away from me and that I cannot fall in love again. Even after this thing (the Hrithik affair) fell apart, another man came into my life and I felt I couldn’t handle it anymore. But everything changed in two to three months and I felt that I was ready, and how!”

Kangana said that for her, love was not just about having a physical experience, and added, “But just when you feel you are so high in love, that person says, ‘Oh, you are psycho!’ and that person also left. You burst into tears every time you kiss and you are called a psycho.”

The actress also spoke her mind on Indian politics. “What I don’t like about politicians is their dress sense. I will not wear those clothes if I get into politics and I don’t think they are going to be okay with that. And the way I speak, I don’t think any party will be interested in hiring me,” she said.

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