Trisha will be the first actress to sport the role of a private detective.

February 02, 2018

Trisha will be the first actress to sport the role of a private detective in a south cinema in the film titled Kuttrappayirchi. The inspiration for her character has been derived from Rajani Pandit, the first woman private investigator in India, who received many awards and was the subject of a documentary and books too.  

Directed by Verniq, a former assistant of national award winner Bala, the film is set in the 1980s and based on sensational true events. Trisha will be unraveling a complicated murder case and the truth behind it. Verniq spills more about the multidimensional role of Trisha and her ’80s looks.  Talking to DC, the debutant filmmaker says, “When I narrated the script, Trisha got excited as she felt it was not the routine role stuff and was something solid.

She will have a multidimensional character. For the first time she essays a role that is totally female-centric and there is no hero playing opposite her.  It’s my original script and deals with a female detective who is initially naughty and carefree and how she takes things seriously when  put in a challenging situation.”
We ask him about Trisha’s looks since the film is set in a certain period. “Yes, she will have tomboyish looks with short hair. But as she goes on a transformation, her looks also will change (smiles).”

The young assistant of Bala who had worked with him in films like Paradesi and Thaarai Thappattai reveals that he has not given any reference points to VTV star for her performance. “I want her to bring her own identity to the challenging character she plays.  She should have the kind of attitude of a bold and daring detective and I am leaving the rest to her.” He adds that there are also quite a few high-octane stunt sequences. 

Surabhi and ‘Super’ Subbarayan are part of the cast. While Babu Kumar is behind the camera, Radhan is the music composer.

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