Theatre strike: Latest Breaking Statetment.

February 06, 2018

We had reported that one more round of theatre strike might hit Kollywood soon as the TFPC (Producer Council) might strike against the digital cinema servers and visual presenters like Qube and UFO. This is being done due to the high renting rates charged by these companies in order to project films.However, the Qube officials have a totally different perspective to this. Addressing the media regarding this issue,

  Qube officials have stated:

“We are ready to negotiate, sit down and reduce the prices but there seems to be no step or response from the Producer Council. We have sent an email asking to meet them and talk to them. Imagine if there is another strike, so many lakhs of people will have no work during these strike days. Shouldn’t they talk to us and then only decide to go on a strike or not? They did not even consult us and tell us that this is an issue. We are ready to solve it at the earliest. I really don’t understand why they are doing this and are bent on having a strike in March when we are ready to negotiate for the betterment of everyone. We hope to talk to them soon and decide on something constructive to avoid the theatre strike.”

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