John Abraham’s Parmanu Clash With Anushka Sharma’s Pari.

February 04, 2018

The impending clash at the  boxoffice between Anushka Sharma’s shiver-giver Pari and John Abraham’s  Parmanu: The  Story  Of Pokhran , the  true-life story of  the nuclear explosions in Pokhran that  took place in 1998, has now been averted.

Both the  films were scheduled  to open simultaneously  on March 2.But now  John Abraham , succumbing  to  boxoffice wisdom,  has decided to shift Parmanu to April   6 leaving the coast clear for Anushka Sharma’s first post-marriage release  on March 2.

A source  close to development says  John had little choice. “Anushka Sharma’s  scare-fest inPari is already grabbing a whole lot of attention.The latest promo  has sent chills up the nations’s  spine.  John’s promotion for Parmanu  has not even started as yet. Rather than rush into release , better sense prevailed.After  a spate  of flops Parmanu is crucial to John’s career. The film has to work as he has  signed  only one film (to be  directed  by MilapJhaveri) after Parmanu. John wants  to take no risks. It has to work.”

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