Anushka Shetty talks about films, family and marriage.

February 03, 2018

While many star films are struggling at the box-office, Anushka Shetty, has surprised everyone with her Bhaagamathie. She took the film on her shoulders and turned it into a huge success, earning the moniker of the Lady Superstar.

“I don’t want any tag and I am happy to be Anushka or Sweety. I always believe in strong content and that’s why the film is doing well,” says Anushka modestly, adding, “I thank Shyam Prasad Reddy garu for creating a lasting image with Arundathi.”

The actress reveals, “Many felt that I was not fit for the role, but Shyam garu believed in me and offered me the role even though I was new to the industry at that time.” She adds, “Then I got very good scripts where Gunasekhar and Rajamouli showed me as powerful characters and people connected very strongly with me.”

I am a director’s actor
Whether it’s Jejemma in Arundathi, Saroja in Vedam, Devasena in Baahubali or Rudhramadevi, Anushka has pulled off all her roles with equal elan and also got good appreciation for the same. Does she do any prior homework? “No, I am a director’s actor. I go to the location, understand what the director wants and I follow him. 

“Sometimes, I can’t sleep if I have an important scene the next day. I do feel stressed out and even a bit scared then,” she shares, adding, “But on the day of the shoot, I talk to the team about the scene to give the best possible output.”
Interestingly, though Bhaagamathie released a few days back, the actress has still not seen her film. “I want to watch it, but I’m travelling a lot.”

 Not good at finance
Responding to reports that she was a part of this film’s production and that she was taking some of the profits from the film, Anushka says, “It’s not true. I only took my remuneration and it is unlikely that I will produce a film in the near future too. I am not good at handling finance and not good at business either, so I don’t want to produce a film.”

About family
Interestingly, Anushka’s family members have never accompanied her to any of her shootings. “I can’t perform in front of my family members, so I tell them not to come for shootings. My parents trust and believe me and always support me. If I need any urgent help, they are just a phone call away,” she says, sharing that she is the youngest in the family. “I have two elder brothers who are settled in Bangalore. My elder brother’s wife is a chartered accountant there,” says Anushka. So, does she handle Anushka’s finances? “No, my mother made me a strong and individual woman. She always tells me that I have to take care of myself. All our family members meet once a year for the festival in our native village, Puthur near Mangalore,” says the actress.

Don’t like to wear jewellery
“I don’t wear jewellery from my childhood, but my mother wants me to wear it. Whenever there is a function in our family, my mother asks me to wear bangles, necklace and all other jewellery. In fact, when Arundathi released, my mother felt happy after seeing me on the screen because I wear a lot of jewellery in the film,” says the actress. 

As for marriage, she says, “I totally believe in marriage, but I want to get married and have children at the right time and when I meet someone who connects with me. I like children very much but I don’t want to marry out of compulsion.”  
Anushka adds that her parents are always telling her to get married. “When I was 20, they started telling me to get married! But it has to come at the right time and they know the person that I am. They respect what I feel and don’t pressurise me anymore,” says the actress.

Two months break
The actress says that she wants to take a two month break before her next project. “From the last few years, I had bruises and aches while shooting for my films. These roles have caused me a lot of physical strain too. So, now, I want to take a two month break and then think about my next film,” she says, adding that people are approaching her with many scripts. 

“I don’t want to do a fantasy film or a thriller, I am thinking of doing a commercial film next,” she says. The actress is also slowly reducing her weight. “Some time back, I struggled with backache and got treated for that. Now, I’m recovering from it and am reducing my weight too, but it’s a process,” she admits.

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