Lady Gaga targeted by street artists!!!

January 29, 2018

Controversial right wing artist Sabo has targeted Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga with pornographic posters. According to the, there are two posters — one of Cyrus and one of Gaga — which feature nude images of the singers.The faux ads feature the logos of the network and the Grammys, one with a nude Gaga and another with a naked Cyrus, and each poster has the text “#WeAllKnew”, a reference to the spate of allegations against powerful men in media who have harassed women and to those who knew but said nothing. Some of the posters also include the text “Long Live Music.”

When contacted, Sabo said he targeted the music industry because of what he considers misogynistic lyrics in rap and hip-hop music. “How can anyone be upset with me putting these up when no one seems upset about what the music industry pushes to our kids?” he asked.

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