Diana Sirokai saw an ad that Gigi Hadid posed almost naked.

December 29, 2017

After model Diana Sirokai saw an ad that Gigi Hadid posed almost naked for, she wondered if she could pose the same way. “I saw how Gigi looks so amazing on this (as always). I was wondering how other body types would look on such an amazing ad like this. I wanted to recreate it to inspire others that we are all beautiful and worth being on an ad,” Diana told Insider, adding that she hopes to inspire all types of women and open brands’ view on using different types of models.

Not only did she strip down and pose as Gigi, but also superimposed her picture and the original ad together. “I was just wondering how a model my size would look on this,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.In the past, Diana had recreated a photo of Kim Kardashian posing in a bathing suit. Diana, who was bullied for her body and modelling, said that Kim and Gigi inspire her. One fan wrote in the comments, “I actually prefer your photo. Your curves look great!”

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